Wes Anderson Parodies

Courtney points out that urlesque has a post entitled “7 Great Wes Anderson Parodies“. I found Wes’ work through Rushmore and he immediately became my favorite film director of all time! Having joined the creative ranks of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Mike Nichols, imagining what movies like Spiderman or The Lord of the Rings may have been like under his unique style of direction is really quite fun!

Anyhow, visit the Urlesque post for a complete list… My favorite is the Spiderman parody.

Best of the Santa Cruz City Council

She may not the the world’s angriest woman, but the lady in this video may very well be the biggest airhead! The rest of the characters in the last one are pretty good too. It turns out that you don’t have to live in Santa Cruz very long before you start running into these folks. What can I say… It’s a crazy place.

Santa Cruz lady at city council meeting:

Santa Cruz Lady Vs. Sarah Palin:

The whole Santa Cruz City Council Mashup:

Matrix Ping Pong

I love playing ping pong and I love “The matrix” movies, so I was thrilled when my friend Shawn sent me a google chat with a link to this spoof video of a couple guys playing ping pong in bullet time. It’s really a pretty amazing bit of choreography!

Twisted Children’s Books

It always cracks me up when someone creates a funny publication cover with Photoshop. It reminds me of “Whipped Magazine” and the idea Roderick and I had for our U.P.I. (Useless Publications International) magazine “Hobo NOW!”.

In that vein, Something Awful has an entire series of Photoshoped up children’s book covers. “Buddy’s Big Surprise” was my favorite, but there are 10 pages of them. Most are safe for work, but not all.
Buddy's Big Surprise

802 – Hip Hop Vermont Style

Long story short, I do not like hip hop, but these two guys who wrote this song about living Vermont did an outstanding job of commenting on life in the Green Mountain Sate. The video was made entirely in Montpelier.

From a distance, Vermont seems like an idealic place that is pristine, progressive and filled with artists and craftspeople. While this is somewhat true, there are other, less attractive aspects as well. Being a rural state, you tend to get a lot of back woods types that are in love with the idea of “protecting” their property from imagined threats with ridiculously large arsenals of firearms and so on. Still, despite their vast differences, the most radical Vermont communist tends to get along fairly well with the most fiercely patriotic Vermont redneck in ways that you would never think possible. It’s a cool state, but not entirely without its annoyances.

Stikfas Ninjas Pwn Stikfas Pirates

P6170141.JPGI was an only child, so I’ve always been pretty good at entertaining myself. So, when my Stikfas ninjas and pirates arrived, I just couldn’t resist setting up a little battle between them.

Robert Hamburger, in his excellent text Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book tells us that ninjas fight pirates “all the time”, and that the pirate is “no match for the skills and speed of the ninja”. What better media than Stikfas, I though, to illustrate the vast superiority of the ninja over the pirate.

Between Matt and I we have a LOT of Stikfas ninjas and pirates, so there has been some talk of making a stop motion movie using scripts from Robert’s book. The problem is that most of the scripts end with the ninjas celebrating their victory over the pirates by “whaling on a guitar” and flirting with girls. Since we don’t have any Stikfas guitars or girls, we’re going to have to get some before we can make the movies.

Stikfas, as geeky toys go, are pretty cool. They are very posable, fairly inexpensive, and they have a lot of exchangeable parts. The only real problem is that when you remove the parts from the injection molded tabs, the remaining plastic is sharp and really does need to be trimmed with an Exacto knife. This takes some time, but the result is well worth it.




Area of Safe Refuge

As Courtney and I meandered through the Las Vegas airport with nothing better to do, we stumbled across this crazy door. We pointed, we laughed, and we sat for some time wondering what what in the heck could possibly be in a room marked “Area of Safe Refuge”. Was it a safe room for refugees? Was it a place where one could meditate and regain one’s “center” after a long and disturbing flight? Was it a place where you could run to and be safe if the dreaded police were chasing you? We remained unsure about what the room was used for, but we were 100% sure that we had to have a look inside. We sneaked up to it, and gently and stealthily (at lease as stealthily as you can in an airport full of people) opened the door and looked inside…

A ladder! A lousy, stinking ladder and absolutely NOTHING else! Well, we thought, maybe the last person who needed safe refuge was a roofer and they put the ladder in there to make him feel more at home… Who knows.

Anyhow, once I got to a place where I could access google, I looked it up, and it turns out that an “Area of Safe Refuge” is a place where disabled people can go in the event of a fire of other type of disaster to wait for assistance. They are located in areas that are very structurally sound, fireproofed, and unlikely to be damaged easily or crumble.

The Area of Safe Refuge, according to BS5588: part 8 is: “an area that is enclosed with a fire resisting construction (other than any part that is an external wall of a building) and served directly by a safe route to a storey exit, evacuation lift or final exit, thus constituting a temporary safe space for disabled people to await assistance for their evacuation”.

Hat Tip: Airport-int.com