Robertson and the Christian Right Crusade

I got this e-mail from Jim Dean at Democracy For America this morning, and while I usually hate to just republish content, I think this one is worth putting out there for more to see.

Not only has Robertson called for the assassination of the president of Venezuela, he has repeatedly prayed for vacancies in the Supreme Court, which pretty much amounts to him praying for the death of our most respected judges, since they are appointed for life terms. It looks like this guy is looking to start a neo-conservative crusade of Christian fundamentalists.

As far as I can tell, Pat Robertson is a terrorist!

From DFA:

The Bible tells us “thou shall not kill.” And we consider it a key value to live by. It’s a shame that Rev. Pat Robertson, self-appointed leader of America’s so-called Christian right, does not.

Robertson’s fatwah, calling for the assassination of the president of Venezuela — in the name of keeping access to a “huge pool of oil,” among other excuses — exposed the warped values of many religious radicals with the ear of the president of the United States.

From efforts to squelch the teaching of sound science in our schools, to the “Justice Sunday” rallies trying to impose religion on the courts, to the quixotic jihad against SpongeBob SquarePants, fundamentalist power grabs make the news and have a huge impact.

But they don’t have the teachings of any religion we know of — and they don’t have us. That’s why we’re sending Robertson a message: “Thou shall not kill.” Join your voice with ours, and we’ll print your name in Robertson’s local daily newspaper:

Even Donald Rumsfeld — a man we hardly ever agree with — had the sense to play down the statement. “Certainly it’s against the law,” he told the press. “Our department doesn’t do that type of thing.”

But this calls for more than an offhand comment, because the allegiance that Republicans owe to Robertson and his Christian Coalition allies lets them influence the Bush agenda. Bush and company need to condemn Robertson’s outrageous statement.

Rather than wait on the White House though, we’ll set an example: we’ll reject Robertson ourselves. Join Americans across the land in telling Robertson it’s time he learned to love his neighbor as himself:

Your feedback — and your name — will go into an ad in the Virginian-Pilot, the Norfolk area’s leading newspaper. We’ll put you on record with thousands of Americans rightly — and righteously — angry that Robertson keeps twisting our values to serve his petty political agenda.

“I don’t want to listen to the fundamentalist preachers anymore,” Howard Dean once told us. We don’t have to.

UPDATE: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez calls for Robertson’s extradition.

Downing Street Memo picks up traction

Not to revisit recent topics, but I must say that I really am amazed that the mainstream press has finally started talking about the Downing Street Memo. More than two months after the memo was leaked, the so-called “liberal” media has finally gotten around to covering it, albeit not with much enthusiasm.

Not that they came to it on their own, mind you. Bloggers have bee covering it since it came out and congress has taken note with many House and Senate Republicans demanding an explanation from the White House. Democracy For America even has a petition with more than a half a million signatures calling for an independent investigation, yet somehow, up to now, the major news sources have fallen silent.

When bloggers, and the United States Congress cover a political scandal like the Downing Street Memo long before the major news sources we are supposed to be trusting for independent, objective reporting, we have to start asking ourselves about the integrity of our Nation’s media. We are living in a time when multinational conglomerates control both our politicians and our news sources. They used their money to finance the campaigns of their pocketed politicians, and their news channels to ensure the public maintains a favorable opinion of them. While voters maintain an illusion of the electoral final say, the truth is a disturbing flourish of Orwellian smoke and mirrors.

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Howard Dean Speaks for me!

I’m getting a little sick and tired of hearing supposed Democrats wine and complain about how Howard Dean in not speaking for them. Dean mentions that Republicans are mostly a “White, Christian” party; a statement that is entirely backed up by scientific data, and these cowards get scared and start knifing him in the back again.

Maybe it’s true. These fair weather Democrats have clearly bought into the Republican lies and rhetoric, and are now feeling guilty about their own political party and convictions. In that case, Howard Dean, a person who is willing to stand up for his beliefs and the values of his party, is most certainly not speaking for them, or anyone else who lacks the backbone to speak out against those in power.

I have a message for these wavering politicians. Howard Dean speaks for me, and he speaks for a lot of other people that would still be cynical and uninterested in government had it not been for his empowering message! Not only is he the first politician I have ever campaigned for, he is also the first political candidate to whom I’ve made a campaign contribution. If the Democratic party is to form a cohesive unit with a single, powerful message, we need Howard Dean at the helm.

So join me in demanding that these “Democrats” stop knifing the leader of our party in the back. By doing this, they are not only weakening their own credibility, they are destroying our chances of taking our country back from the Neo-Conservitive radicals in power.

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Cheney’s runs his mouth again >


Bad News for Donie Fowler

Things have started spiraling downward for Donnie Fowler’s chances at the DNC chair, since the Association of State Democratic Chairs voted overwhelmingly against him to support democratic rock star Howard Dean.

Donnie Fowler Jr., a party strategist and son of former national chairman Don Fowler, did enjoy a brief glint of hope Monday, when the 17 member Executive Board of the Association of State Democratic Chairs recommended him to the larger 112 member body. He even went so far as to suggest that Dean’s campaign for the position was “inevitably over”, but when all the dust settled, the Association of Chairs ignored the Executive Board, and voted for Howard Dean by a three to one margin.

Now, with the AFL-CIO staying out of the race, individual unions are free to decide which, if any candidate they wish to support. This was the final straw for Martin Frost, who had been hoping for the endorsement. He dropped out of the race on Tuesday.

It now seems as if Howard Dean is virtually sure to become the next face of the Democratic Party. Needless to say, this has Republicans worried that they may not be able to match his energetic style and ability to organize strong grass root campaigns.

Howard Dean speaks at Plymouth State University

Howard Dean Speaks at PSU from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Today at 2:30 EST, on the eve of the most important election of my lifetime, Howard Dean came to Plymouth State University and delivered a most rousing speech. Since I work at the University, the staff handed me a Kerry sign and asked me stand right up front and wave it high for all the news media to see. This was great since it put me in a prime location to capture some pictures and video.

Even though we were all there to show our support for Kerry, I couldn’t help noticing how many Dean t-shirts, stickers and buttons were scattered throughout the audience. I have to admit that, watching him speak, I began feeling saddened that it wouldn’t be his name I’d be seeing on the ballot tomorrow. Maybe it’s because I’m a Vermonter, or maybe it’s just because I admire Howard Dean’s honesty and integrity, but he is, and always will be, my political hero! DEAN 2012!

2004 Election Disaster Headlines

From the looks of things, about half the US poplulation, and the vast majority of the rest of the world are not too happy with Tuesday’s disasterous election results.

I have to say, I agree 100%. I had hoped that the damage caused over the past four years could be corrected, but with another term ahead of us, I worry that the US will never regain the respect of the civilized world. Below is what some of the world’s news sources that are not controlled by US corporate interests had to say

Cover from the Daily Mirror

“How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB”
~England’s Daily Mirror (They’re offering a free download of the cover)

“Oops they did it again”
~Germany’s Tageszeitung newspaper

“Europe’s Nightmare”
~Facts (A news magazine from Switzerland)

“Victory for the hothead: how far will he go”
~L’Hebdo (Another Swiss weekly publication)

Deranged Mental Patient Bush

Is our President a deranged mental patient?

Angry Candy Productions has come out with a cartoon that is both very funny and mind numbingly sad because of how much it rings true. Set to the background music “Hail to the Chief” we watch as an action figure representing the only president who has ever tried to write bigotry back into the constitution tries on different outfits and says all those stupid things we’re so used to hearing from him. At the end, we’re given a remote control whereby we get to make him lie, say stupid things, and choke on a pretzel. It’s funny, but again, it’s very very sad… Perhaps we can look back and laugh at this”village idiot” in a few decades, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and hope that the American people have enough sense to send him back to Texas and begin to repair all the damage he has caused.