iPhone Hacked; No Longer Bound to AT&T

George Hotz, along with a team of hackers have come up with a method to break the chains binding the iPhone to AT&T, allowing it to be used with any carrier. The complete method can be found here on George’s blog. It does take some soldering skills and a bit of familiarity with UNIX and modem commands it should be pretty easily accomplished by most techies who have some tinkering under their belts.

Even though I still feel the iPhone is too expensive, and that it is lacking in some basic features, this might just be the thing that gets me to buy one. After all, I love hacking hardware!

I heard an interview with Hots on the way home from work Friday. When asked to respond to internet rumors that former phreaker Steve Jobs was mad at him, he said “I want Steve to call me up. Let’s he and I have a man to man about it.” It was wonderful! If Steve Jobs can’t remember his days hacking the phone system and respect Hots and the team for their accomplishments, he truly has lost touch with what hacking is all about.

Wonderful job guys! Congratulations.

Melvin Has a Sweet Business Card

Via Roderick & JeniMattson.com

Melvin's Business Card

Melvin's Business Card

A hacker, entrepreneur, and all around mischief maker, Melvin wanted something he could give to peers and prospective clients that spoke of this nature.

A lockpick concept was chosen very early on, and the post production results were excellent. The picks can quite easily be removed from the card and are entirely functional as lockpicks.

OK… I’ve never really been a business card kinda guy, but I have to say that I REALLY want some of these! Just imagine that cop that asks Melvin who he is and gets presented with one of these. With the simplistic balck & white thinking of most cops, he’d be labeled a terrorist for sure.

From the looks of things the guys over at MetalCards can do this sort of thing, but I’ll have to save my pennies because it’s not cheap.