Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Democrat

Because of the way the Clinton family, along with a number of other “old” democrats worked to sabotage Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential campaign, there is simply no way I could ever bring myself to support Hillary’s 2008 Presidential candidacy.

Ignoring her despicable treatment of Dean, and the fact that she is simply not electable, it also turns that she was on the Walmart board of directors from 1986 to 1992. That’s right, Walmart. The company that has a rich and illustrious history of discrimination, human rights violations, paying miserably low wages, destroying local environments, locking employees inside its stores, invading residential neighborhoods, creating traffic congestion, noise and light pollution, contributing to urban sprawl, and censoring the books, DVDs and videos it sells.

Hillary Clinton with the Walmart Board of Directors

Hillary Clinton with the Walmart Board of Directors

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? If she spent time on the board of a company that refuses to pay employee benefits and violently crushes any attempt for workers to unionize, how would she respond to these issues as President? Not favorably I suspect. I think I’ll vote for a “new” democrat this time. I think I’ll vote Obama.

James Carville Pouts – Howard Dean Celebrates

James Carville seems to lack the ability to understand that his myopic view of political campaign funding is outdated and wrong. DNC Chairman Howard Dean has always flown in the face critics like Carville by asserting that the DNC should fund Democratic campaigns in all fifty states, and his plan works! Democratic candidates have won a number of unexpected victories in the 2006 election, and we now control both the houses of congress.

James Carville, however, continues to pout and complain. He, along with a couple of other Washington establishment types say that we could have won even more House seats had Dean funneled more money into them.

Well, screw you Carville! Nobody even expected us to win the Senate until a few weeks before the election, and had we followed your idiotic plan for funding campaigns, we wouldn’t have, because we’d have given up on winning in states Like Virginia and Montana long before the election even took place. Apparently Carville and his likes just can’t accept being wrong and learning from those who are smarter than them. After all, it’s idiots like these guys who worked so hard to torpedo Deans Presidential campaign, and run Kerry instead. Yeah, sure… We should listen to them!

For his part, Dean responded in a very cool, calm, professional manner.


It was a great win for what I call the new Democratic Party. This is the new Democratic Party. The old Democratic Party is back there in Washington, sometimes they still complain a little bit.

Howard Dean is Smarter Than Rahm Emanuel

I’ve been saying it for several weeks now, so I was glad to finally see Time Magazine come out with an article giving DNC Chairman Howard Dean credit for masterminding the political tactics that have many republicans fighting for their political lives in their once solid-red states.

Dean has always advocated a fifty-state policy when it comes to funding democratic campaigns. Believing that no republican in any race should ever go unchallenged, he has often sparked controversy from individuals like llinois Representative Rahm Emanuel who believe the DNC’s funds are better spent in the traditional battleground states like Ohio than in solidly crimson states such as Mississippi. Dean, on the other hand, argues that if the Democrats want to win presidential elections, they need to spend to build strong state parties across the country rather than pump all their cash into swing states.

Well, it looks like we can chalk one up for Howard Dean on this one. Emanuel, and his vocal band of contrarians have had to bite their collective tongue as poll after poll show Democratic candidates pulling ahead in states that were once considered safe republican strongholds. Thanks to Howard Dean and his calm, rational thought in the face of short-sighted, obtuse criticism, Democrats look more and more likely each day to capture not only the House of Representatives, but the Senate as well.

What’s Up With the Howard Bean Cafe?

Patrick Mullikin, who aparently sold Riverwalk Records last month has not sold the other names associated with his business, most notably “The Howard Bean Cafe” and “Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest”.

One word… BUMMER! regardless of the fact that I visit Montpelier just about every weekend, I don’t think I would have ever known about Riverwalk Records had it not been for the Howard Bean Cafe inside.

Mulkin writes:

Bob On The Auction Block?

How would it feel? How would it feel? To be the one who owns. . . the Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest?

Patrick Mullikin, who sold Riverwalk Records last month, is considering selling the registered trade name, The Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest.

“While I have kept it a free community event, it does have the potential to be a money-maker for the right company or individual — say, for example, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. From a publicity standpoint, this event it is priceless. Dylan’s popularity continues to grow, and people are willing to stand up before an audience to imitate him. Odder yet is that there is an audience willing to watch all this.”

The annual event has gained international attention and/or notoriety, during its two years, and Mullikin says he’s heard people as far away as Australia who have expressed interest in participating in next year’s event, which he had planned to hold in the fall. “We had more than 225 people attend last year’s event. I also own the registered trade name The Howard BEAN: A Cafe for America, which I might be interested in selling as well as Mr. Dean continues to gain notoriety. It would not surprise me at all to see him in the next presidential race.”

The new owner of Riverwalk Records, Jacob Grossi, did not want to continue the cafe or purchase the Howard BEAN name.

Interested parties may contact Mullikin at 802 229-9905 or email him at:GGM.BobDylan.WannaBeContest@adelphia.net

“Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest” seems like a great thing, although I admit I don’t know much about it. From what I hear it is basically an open mic where people sing Dylan tunes and imitate him with the hopes of winning the contest by replicating that Bob Dylan nasally tone. Aparently it’s pretty popular so I’m sure someone will pick it up.

The loss of the Howard Bean Cafe, however is a true tragedy! Howard Dean continues to be a visionary and bring light to the Democratic party. Having the “Howard Bean” twist on his name in such a public light servers to remind people about the excellent work he is doing for us, and as Vermonters, it makes up proud. If you are ever in Riverwalk Records and see the new owner Jacob Grossi, give him a talking to about his decision to not bring along the Howard Bean name. I know I will!

Robertson and the Christian Right Crusade

I got this e-mail from Jim Dean at Democracy For America this morning, and while I usually hate to just republish content, I think this one is worth putting out there for more to see.

Not only has Robertson called for the assassination of the president of Venezuela, he has repeatedly prayed for vacancies in the Supreme Court, which pretty much amounts to him praying for the death of our most respected judges, since they are appointed for life terms. It looks like this guy is looking to start a neo-conservative crusade of Christian fundamentalists.

As far as I can tell, Pat Robertson is a terrorist!

From DFA:

The Bible tells us “thou shall not kill.” And we consider it a key value to live by. It’s a shame that Rev. Pat Robertson, self-appointed leader of America’s so-called Christian right, does not.

Robertson’s fatwah, calling for the assassination of the president of Venezuela — in the name of keeping access to a “huge pool of oil,” among other excuses — exposed the warped values of many religious radicals with the ear of the president of the United States.

From efforts to squelch the teaching of sound science in our schools, to the “Justice Sunday” rallies trying to impose religion on the courts, to the quixotic jihad against SpongeBob SquarePants, fundamentalist power grabs make the news and have a huge impact.

But they don’t have the teachings of any religion we know of — and they don’t have us. That’s why we’re sending Robertson a message: “Thou shall not kill.” Join your voice with ours, and we’ll print your name in Robertson’s local daily newspaper:


Even Donald Rumsfeld — a man we hardly ever agree with — had the sense to play down the statement. “Certainly it’s against the law,” he told the press. “Our department doesn’t do that type of thing.”

But this calls for more than an offhand comment, because the allegiance that Republicans owe to Robertson and his Christian Coalition allies lets them influence the Bush agenda. Bush and company need to condemn Robertson’s outrageous statement.

Rather than wait on the White House though, we’ll set an example: we’ll reject Robertson ourselves. Join Americans across the land in telling Robertson it’s time he learned to love his neighbor as himself:


Your feedback — and your name — will go into an ad in the Virginian-Pilot, the Norfolk area’s leading newspaper. We’ll put you on record with thousands of Americans rightly — and righteously — angry that Robertson keeps twisting our values to serve his petty political agenda.

“I don’t want to listen to the fundamentalist preachers anymore,” Howard Dean once told us. We don’t have to.

UPDATE: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez calls for Robertson’s extradition.

Downing Street Memo picks up traction

Not to revisit recent topics, but I must say that I really am amazed that the mainstream press has finally started talking about the Downing Street Memo. More than two months after the memo was leaked, the so-called “liberal” media has finally gotten around to covering it, albeit not with much enthusiasm.

Not that they came to it on their own, mind you. Bloggers have bee covering it since it came out and congress has taken note with many House and Senate Republicans demanding an explanation from the White House. Democracy For America even has a petition with more than a half a million signatures calling for an independent investigation, yet somehow, up to now, the major news sources have fallen silent.

When bloggers, and the United States Congress cover a political scandal like the Downing Street Memo long before the major news sources we are supposed to be trusting for independent, objective reporting, we have to start asking ourselves about the integrity of our Nation’s media. We are living in a time when multinational conglomerates control both our politicians and our news sources. They used their money to finance the campaigns of their pocketed politicians, and their news channels to ensure the public maintains a favorable opinion of them. While voters maintain an illusion of the electoral final say, the truth is a disturbing flourish of Orwellian smoke and mirrors.

Sign the petition! >
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Howard Dean Speaks for me!

I’m getting a little sick and tired of hearing supposed Democrats wine and complain about how Howard Dean in not speaking for them. Dean mentions that Republicans are mostly a “White, Christian” party; a statement that is entirely backed up by scientific data, and these cowards get scared and start knifing him in the back again.

Maybe it’s true. These fair weather Democrats have clearly bought into the Republican lies and rhetoric, and are now feeling guilty about their own political party and convictions. In that case, Howard Dean, a person who is willing to stand up for his beliefs and the values of his party, is most certainly not speaking for them, or anyone else who lacks the backbone to speak out against those in power.

I have a message for these wavering politicians. Howard Dean speaks for me, and he speaks for a lot of other people that would still be cynical and uninterested in government had it not been for his empowering message! Not only is he the first politician I have ever campaigned for, he is also the first political candidate to whom I’ve made a campaign contribution. If the Democratic party is to form a cohesive unit with a single, powerful message, we need Howard Dean at the helm.

So join me in demanding that these “Democrats” stop knifing the leader of our party in the back. By doing this, they are not only weakening their own credibility, they are destroying our chances of taking our country back from the Neo-Conservitive radicals in power.

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