Best of the Santa Cruz City Council

She may not the the world’s angriest woman, but the lady in this video may very well be the biggest airhead! The rest of the characters in the last one are pretty good too. It turns out that you don’t have to live in Santa Cruz very long before you start running into these folks. What can I say… It’s a crazy place.

Santa Cruz lady at city council meeting:

Santa Cruz Lady Vs. Sarah Palin:

The whole Santa Cruz City Council Mashup:

War On Christmas

Bill O’Reilly has been on going on like a blithering idiot for what seems like months about his imagined War On Christmas. Bill O’Reilly is, of course, insane. However, the ludicrous dribblings from his badly damaged brain have inspired some to create hugely entertaining content and blog fodder like this video.

I mentioned this video in a previous post, but it is so much better than the Drunk Santa featured in that story, I though it appropriate to give it its own plug.

Even though I’m sure criminally insane bible thumpers like Bill O’Reilly would love to see “Holidazians” murdered by wreath bombs, I think most sane individuals can agree that the season is about unity, not division.


Happy Holidays, etc.

War On Christmas from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Santa Drunk Driving

This is a little “Cops” knockoff With a drunk driving Santa. The cops decide to pull him over because of his wreckless driving and find find the trunk of his sleigh filled “snow from the north pole”. Humm… Sketchy!

The video is really pretty funny, but I have to wonder what this year’s “Village Idiot Award” winner Bill O’Reilly would have to say about it within the context of his imagined “War On Christmas”. Apparently O’Reilly thinks that anyone who is offended by someone wishing them a Merry Christmas is “insane”, but in the same breath states that HE is offended by anyone who wishes HIM a “Happy Holiday”

The verdict is in… Bill O’Reilly is insane. I’m sure he thinks this video is just another part of his bogus war on christmas.

While you’re at it, check out this video with actual footage of the “War on Christmas”. Tanks guns and Holiday Trees… Oh MY!

Drunk Driving Santa from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.