Using My New Mac Mini

My new Mac Mini came in yesterday and I just got it all up and running. I had some misgivings about allowing the system to transfer over all my applications and information from the old system, but I went ahead and did it anyhow simply because I seriously doubted I could find all the CD’s for my software. For the most part, the process went smoothly, although I had to do a little cleanup afterwards because a few applications did not work after the migration.

I was also a bit concerned about what kind of performance I would get out of the new Intel processor because many of my applications are older and were compiled on the old PPC chips. This has turned out to be a total non-issue! I got the new Mini fully loaded with a 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo processor, 2 Gigs of RAM, and a 160 Gig SATA drive, so even the older applications that require the carbon libraries scream right along.

While I would have obviously liked to get the Mac Pro, I am very much enjoying using my new Mini, and feel that I can recommend it fully.

Sun Talks Some Smack

We all know that Sun is MUCH cooler than Dell, but the company is finally coming out and saying it in no uncertain terms. Apparently They have tried to get these advertisements into several major industry publications, but have been censored at every attempt because someone may find the material offensive.

Yeah… Sure… Much more likely, the editors of these publications are just afraid of loosing Dell as a client. I, for one, think the ads are pretty funny, and I’m glad to see Sun taking on Dell, because I truly feel they have a better product.

Sun says:

Sun Censored but Not Silent
Top business publications refused to run our bold ad concepts because the headlines were thought too controversial. At Sun, we’re the radical engineers that build “ass-whoopin” technology – we’re not Miss Manners and we never want to be. We ask all you contrarians out there to e-mail us your own provocative ad headlines: See the remarkable benchmarks for the new Sun Fire tm X2100, X4100, and X4200 64 bit X86 servers and you’ll understand why we have license to brag.

They’re not quite as cool as “Benchmark Studies Prove That Dell Sucks” or “100% More Bitchin’ Than Dell”, but Sun is currently running some fairly edgy ads that are along the same lines. I just wish I could pick up “SysAdmin” and find the ads below in them.

Click on the small images below to take you to the larger versions.