CMS Martix Rocks For Meetings

It sucks when you go into a meeting and try to advocate for a piece of software, but people just keep on coming up with obscure questions about random features that may or may not exist. This happened a little while back when we were investigating a campus-wide blogging solution.CMS Matrix sure does make answering questions and comparing products a lot easier.

Matt Writes Internet Deletion Script

Matt over at BorkWeb has cleverly written a script that will:

traverse the ENTIRE internet (regardless of security) and delete everything. We’re talking images, video, text documents, pdfs, security files, EVERYTHING. It took me a while to code, but I believe it will work.

Since I work in IT, I’m always laughing about the interesting way people put things. We’re always hearing questions phrased in ways that convey the point, but utterly fail to demonstrate a complete understanding of computing technology.

  • “I can’t log onto the Internet… Is the server down?”
  • “Can I download this Internet to my floppy disk?”
  • “How many megahertz is this hard disk drive?”
  • “Can I install the Internet onto this computer?”
  • “Could my computer be clogged up with too many files?”
  • And so on.

I really like Matt’s script, because it will give people yet another amusing thing to add to this list.