Wes Anderson Parodies

Courtney points out that urlesque has a post entitled “7 Great Wes Anderson Parodies“. I found Wes’ work through Rushmore and he immediately became my favorite film director of all time! Having joined the creative ranks of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Mike Nichols, imagining what movies like Spiderman or The Lord of the Rings may have been like under his unique style of direction is really quite fun!

Anyhow, visit the Urlesque post for a complete list… My favorite is the Spiderman parody.

Matrix Ping Pong

I love playing ping pong and I love “The matrix” movies, so I was thrilled when my friend Shawn sent me a google chat with a link to this spoof video of a couple guys playing ping pong in bullet time. It’s really a pretty amazing bit of choreography!

Microsoft Redesigns the Apple iPod

The music is annoyingly reminiscent of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, but this video about what might happen should Microsoft re-design the iPod box is pretty funny. Apple, more than any other company I can think of has mastered the “out of the box experience”, which makes unpacking its products a truly wonderful and unique experience. If this has been a major factor in the company’s recent success is hard to say, but other tech companies like Dell and Microsoft have totally failed to match Apple’s design aesthetics.

Line Rider – My Favorite Flash Game!

There are a lot of great games that have been developed with Flash. Tangerine Panic and Flight of the hamsters come to mind as some of the most entertaining web browser diversions to date. Until now that it! Last weekend we had some pretty serious upgrades to do at work and while we were waiting for all our servers to pull themselves together, we found Line Rider.

Line Rider is a game where you design a track upon which a little sledding figure rides. You can throw him, catch him and wreck him. If you get him going too fast and pull him too hard around a corner, his little sled will crush beneath his weight. The game is designed in such a way that you can return to design mode and make changes to your track as often as you like. You can even save your track and come back to edit it later.

My track involved a lot of air and catches, but others have done some pretty amazing things by incorporating an interesting track with amazing artwork. This video is just one example.

802 – Hip Hop Vermont Style

Long story short, I do not like hip hop, but these two guys who wrote this song about living Vermont did an outstanding job of commenting on life in the Green Mountain Sate. The video was made entirely in Montpelier.

From a distance, Vermont seems like an idealic place that is pristine, progressive and filled with artists and craftspeople. While this is somewhat true, there are other, less attractive aspects as well. Being a rural state, you tend to get a lot of back woods types that are in love with the idea of “protecting” their property from imagined threats with ridiculously large arsenals of firearms and so on. Still, despite their vast differences, the most radical Vermont communist tends to get along fairly well with the most fiercely patriotic Vermont redneck in ways that you would never think possible. It’s a cool state, but not entirely without its annoyances.

Fly Your Motorcycle To Work

With my miserable 49 mile commute to work every day, I’ve been constantly wishing I had a way to turn my drive into a flight. The Moller Skycar has, of course had me dreaming since I first saw it, but its been vaporware so long that I have all but given up. Furthermore, there is now evidence that the company might be scamming investors, and with a price tag of$500,000 to $1,000,000, I can’t imagine buying one even if they hit showrooms tomorrow.

The Super Sky Cycle made by Butterfly Gyroplane, might just be the ticket though. It can take off and land in just a few feet, making it handy for flying to places that don’t have an airport. It can fly at a top speed of 100 MPH, meaning I could get to work much much faster than the 1 + hour it takes me now. An for the best part, you can fold up the rotors once you land and drive it in motorcycle mode to your final destination! I have to wonder if it will fit into a standard parking space.

My days of driving to work aren’t quite over though… I will still have to save my pennies if I’m going to pony up the $37,195.00 to buy one. Still, the Super Sky Cycle is the most promising alternative to driving I’ve been able to find so far.

Hat Tip: Roderick for the pointer!

Boston Suspects Talk About Hairstyles

As Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens walked out of the Charlestown District Court yesterday, they completely disarmed the media in the most artful way I have ever seen! They would talk about 70’s style haircuts, and only 70’s style haircuts. These are the guys who were arrested for putting up trowies around Boston that depicted an advertisement for “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” on Adult Swim.

The police, in their infinite draconian wisdom, thought the light-bright type images were bombs, and promptly overreacted, freaked out, and shut down entire sections of the city. What fools! This same publicity stunt was carried out in 10 other cities, but Boston officials were the only ones to panic.

Tracy O’Connor, 34, a retail manager, called Boston’s response “silly and insane,” contrasting it with the response in the other cities where no one reported any concerns about the devices – an advertising gimmick for the TV show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

“We’re the laughing stock,” she said.

I could not agree more. It’s this kind of paranoid mentality that truly takes away our freedom and is ruining our country. We have become afraid of our own shadows!

UPDATE: Make has some nice detail images of the actual devices that these guys installed, as well as some interesting discussion.