Say “Credit” to Protest

If you’re like me, you pay for most everything with your debit card. The companies I frequent, of course, would rather I run the card through as debit to avoid the 3% service charge that Master Card imposes on purchases that are made using the credit option. To me it makes no difference. The money comes out of my checking account either way, so I have started to make the decision on how I run the card based on the degree to which I like, or don’t like the company or store where I’m shopping.

Since I live in rural New England and my choices are limited, I sometimes have to shop at places I don’t like, so forcing these establishments to run my purchase through as credit has become my way of protesting them. Since I tend to prefer small, locally owned businesses to large, box stores like Home Depot, there is also the added benefit of giving the little guys an advantage over the large, National chains. Will it make any difference in the end? Most likely not, but if I can cut into Walmart’s bottom line by 3%, all the better in my mind.

So, should you find yourself shopping at a place you don’t like, say “credit” rather than “debit” when you check out and knock a little off their annual profit report.

Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Democrat

Because of the way the Clinton family, along with a number of other “old” democrats worked to sabotage Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential campaign, there is simply no way I could ever bring myself to support Hillary’s 2008 Presidential candidacy.

Ignoring her despicable treatment of Dean, and the fact that she is simply not electable, it also turns that she was on the Walmart board of directors from 1986 to 1992. That’s right, Walmart. The company that has a rich and illustrious history of discrimination, human rights violations, paying miserably low wages, destroying local environments, locking employees inside its stores, invading residential neighborhoods, creating traffic congestion, noise and light pollution, contributing to urban sprawl, and censoring the books, DVDs and videos it sells.

Hillary Clinton with the Walmart Board of Directors

Hillary Clinton with the Walmart Board of Directors

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? If she spent time on the board of a company that refuses to pay employee benefits and violently crushes any attempt for workers to unionize, how would she respond to these issues as President? Not favorably I suspect. I think I’ll vote for a “new” democrat this time. I think I’ll vote Obama.