Wes Anderson Parodies

Courtney points out that urlesque has a post entitled “7 Great Wes Anderson Parodies“. I found Wes’ work through Rushmore and he immediately became my favorite film director of all time! Having joined the creative ranks of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Mike Nichols, imagining what movies like Spiderman or The Lord of the Rings may have been like under his unique style of direction is really quite fun!

Anyhow, visit the Urlesque post for a complete list… My favorite is the Spiderman parody.

Wes Anderson American Express Advertisement

Ever since Dylan told me about “Rushmore” I’ve been a huge Wes Anderson Fan. Today I did a google search to find out when his new movie “The Darjeeling Limited” is coming out and stumbled upon this advertisement he did for American Express. I especially like the part when he asks for a .357 with a bayonet.

Team Zissou Shoes

With the exception of “Bottlerocket” I’m pretty much a fan of all Wes Anderson movies, but I have to say that “The Life Aquatic” is by far my favorite. The other day I went looking for team-zissou.mp3 so that I could make it the ringtone on my cellular phone when I stumbled across this set of directions for making your own Team Zissou style sneakers.

It pretty much involves finding a pair of Adidas Rom Classics with blue stripes, some light blue shoe paint, and yellow shoelaces. Paint out the dark blue middle stripe with light blue, lace up the yellow shoelaces, and replace the “Rom” logo with “Zissou” and your all set to go.

The trick, as it turns out is finding yourself a pair of Roms. They were first introduced in 1959 and Adidas does not seem to be making them anymore. You can sometimes find remakes, but they don’t have the white gum soles like the shoes from the movie. I did manage to find a pair on ebay, but the were a little large for me, and they are going for $75 a pair. I also understand that you can find them at certain online retailers in Europe, but I didn’t have much luck finding them when I looked.

Anyhow, it’s a cool idea, and a lot of fun. Some people have contacted Adidas directly hoping to get he actual model used in the movie, but they say they are not offering them for sale. There is, however, some indication that they may if enough people ask for them.

USA TODAY has even run a story about the demand for these sweet sneaks. They say that the prospects don’t look good as far as Adidas putting out an official Team Zissou shoe, but they did write thatabout 600 people have signed a petition asking the company to release the model.

But just like The Life Aquatic’s spotted shark, the Zissou shoe doesn’t exist in the real world. But that hasn’t stopped the Web set from launching a petition with nearly 600 names and e-mailing consumer.relations@adidasus.com.

Adidas is fully aware that potential buyers are fishing around for their very own Zissous. But it’s unlikely that the company will produce such a limited edition of its Rom design.